Safe driving

‘Focus on driving’ is a gem of an advice that applies to all- young and old, men and women- those who drive vehicles. Listening to music, chatting on phone, eating and getting distracted are the main causes of attention lapse while driving. In addition, there are problems of driving under the influence of alcohol, lack of sleep, over – speeding, overtaking dangerously and road rage. Drivers must stay calm under all circumstances. I have seen drivers in developed countries who do not honk and never overtake. They stick to lane discipline come what may.
Educating drivers on safe driving should start as early as possible. Road accidents should be minimised by inculcating a sense of discipline among the drivers. Those who disobey speed limits, drive recklessly, park vehicles on highway, carelessly, carry over size goods and change lanes needlessly must be punished. Fines for traffic violations should be enhanced and repeat offenders should not get their driving licence atleast for a year.
Prof K K Gupta
Moti Bazar, Jammu