Impact of Pulwama attack

I would like to highlight the causes and consequences of the Pak planned Pulwama attack mrytred at least forty cops of CRPF. It is well known to all of us that the Kashmir valley has been suffering from militancy being planned by the band of Kashmiris separatists and Pakistani fundamentalists since long leading to irreparable loss to our state. Besides killing of uncountable number of innocent people this Pak sponsored terrorism forced the Kashmiri Pandits the founders of Kashmir valley to leave their homes and hearth during early nineties to save their lives and dignity. Moreover, the non Kashmiri students studying in various professional institutions located in the valley were also expelled from the valley during the dawn of terrorism and the valley which is said to be the land of Kashap Rishi. The long prevailing process of terrorism reached its climax with the tregedy of Pulwama attack on February 14.
Though we had to lose forty young CRPF cops yet we also gained many things including courage, confidence and unity in diversity. Most of our people irrespective of caste and religion looked united as Indians only and resolved to teach Pakistan a good lesson. Ultimately, our Airforce took a very strong and proper action by attacking Jaish training centres located at Balakote,Chakoti and Muzaffarabad on February 26, leaving all Pakistani authorities quite stunned and surprised.
This strike was much appreciated and celebrated throughout the country. The basic cause behind terrorism is the religious dogmatism being spread by the concerned fundamental elements who infact seem to have little knowledge of Islam which teaches peace and prosperity among all people of the world. There is no place for violence in Islam.
It is also true that violence can’t be prevented by means of violence only. It can be prevented by means of education and knowledge. In this context I would like to suggest that the services of the learned Islamic scholars and teachers should be utilised to educate the misguided persons. The concerned authorities including political leaders should think over the suggestions to save the world from the horrible consequences.
O P Sharma