Running tips for the beginners

Ravinder K Dhankhar
“Dreams won’t work unless you do.”- A New Year resolution.
Winter is at its peak, with new year just had its beginning and we look for resolution to do something constructive in the year. In this age, where the health is at a premium, running has also been the first choice of those who want to stay fit and it can be a befitting resolution.
See, running has such tempting plethora of benefits that one can’t eschew it. To impel for running, what a man needs is a craving heart to stay happy and healthy-away from medicines, a resolve to be great physical specimen and an ardent desire to get high self-esteem. The blend of these wills not only merely inspire one to run but also to run the hardest. Let us talk of running for novice. For them, running should be for three-four times a week for first few weeks to adjust with the climate and get the body acclimatize into. However, it is a cakewalk yet the following are the suggestions for beginners to finish it in great mood.
First look at your medical conditions. If one is fit to run, he should otherwise it may aggravate the medical condition.
Have a pair of lightweight shoes that fits to your foot and are with foam based cushioning to give comfort to your feet.
Get clothing shorts and t-shirts of apt fibre. Never use clothing of 100% cotton which develop dampness and retain sweat causing chaffing, bacterial infection and at time blisters. Whereas synthetic fabric of nylon, polyester, lyrca let the moisture rise for evaporation.
Plan your run in advance where and when to run. Run in morning hours is ideal for good sleeping habits and other associated reasons.Try to note down place and time for better resolve.
Beginners should run on pavement, there will be no chance of ankle turning.
Hydrate your body well, even on non-running days with at least two glass of lukewarm water in the morning before and after run.
Never compare with the other runners. They have their own practice and stamina. If going for comparison, it should motivate you rather than demotivate.
Before running, warm up for 3-4 minutes for not running the risk of muscles pull.Do stretching exercises. It will make your workout pleasant.
In the beginning run slowly even gentler than your normal pace i.e. conversational run. Thumb rule is this that while running you are able to talk with your fellow runners. Improve pace gradually with the time once you feel poised.
Try to run at a stretch that your body allows and mark the distance you run by.
Once finish the running, walk for a while to cool down slightly.
Do post running stretching exercises for 5-7 minutes, starting either from tip to toe or vice versa.
Next run can be for slight greater distance, if body permits otherwise after every 7-10 workouts fifty meters can easily be added in the run. If continues with grit and passion you are bound to increase your distance and improve timing.
On weekends, try yourself in a long distance running but at your usual pace, without taxing your body too much. It will mature you as a runner in forthcoming time.
Start taking part in running events, let it be for three km even. Therein, you will come across new runners and it will bolster your morale and confidence.
Some suggestions for beginners
Run in the company of a friend. Time comes when you don’t like to run but if you have a company, for that sake you will pull yourself up to run.
Keep on sharing about your running habits with your friends and circle around. It may develop in you a sense of accountability for the people nearby and this pressure thrusts you ahead forcing you to run.
See, its human tendency to accept the challenge, overcome obstacles and set goal for oneself. So set goal that is slightly tough but realisable. This technique when work well set the soul on fire to achieve.
Keep noting down your running timings, distance, your happiest run, the best weather for running, etc. These things will keep you stay motivated and you will also get to know about your improvement.
To better your timings, distance and your endurance, keep trying different runs but not to exhaust yourself. This will make your running varied and exciting.
To beat the monotony of running, different courses, tracks and routes are to be tried. It will keep your curiosity alive.
Getting sound sleep of 7-8 hours is must for beginner runners that will keep their body rejuvenated for next day running. It also repairs the damages, if any, done by workouts, recharges body, mind and soul and releases human growth hormone. With night tight sleep, a runner body bounces with energy for running.
A beginner runner as far as possible should take home cooked meal. Excess of fat, sugar, sodium, calories and superfine flour in foods is critical for health, especially for the fitness buff beginners. Further, run done in the morning hours makes your body more ravenous so have heavy healthy breakfast always.
A good and firm beginning is motivation in itself. The beginners are advised to stick to their plan and go running day after day. Traits like steadiness, firmness, grit and a will to outshine through running should be with the runner for the cause of pink health in all forms physical, mental and spiritual. Development of this habit is a panacea for almost all health related issues, evading one from medical complications, saving money and allowing one to live this beautiful life in the most meaningful, lovely and excited way. It can be the most meaningful resolution in New Year-2020.
The author is Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Arnora Doda (J&K)