Road Safety

Young drivers enjoy driving at fast speed and often flout rules and regulations. They get an adrenaline rush by driving beyond the speed limit and claim it is exciting and thrilling. But, it is extremely dangerous as the roads are crowded, there is much less control of the vehicle at great speed and there are greater chances of accidents. We must follow traffic rules and it is always better to be safe than sorry. At times, people drive very fast under the influence of alcohol and this must be avoided at all costs. Pedestrians must cross only at zebra crossing and drivers need to give right of way to them. At the traffic lights, drivers need to halt vehicles behind the ‘Stop’ sign. They must ensure their vehicles indicator lights are working and the horn is heard clearly. Traffic police has to impose fines strictly on offenders: people driving without helmets or without using seat belts should be penalised.
I hope that the public will realise the importance of road safety and the authorities will take more measures to check offenders.
Ayushi Bral,
Aryan Bral
on e-mail