Eradication of corruption

Number of scams and enbezzlements having been reduced considerably in the last half decade shows reduction in the graph of corruption, considered an incurable social, moral and economical malady, our country has been suffering from since attainment of the democracy. But to deny it in totality, may not be fair as it still prevails everywhere, in more or less dimensions.
It is nothing but moral turpitude. The man is selfish by nature. He is good only to the extent till time doesn’t allow him to become bad. Weak administrative, law and order conditions encourage such practices. Now, question arises, why one should go for it– it is need or greed? In fact, when morality dies, evils come into existence and disturb the entire social spectrum. If rules are transparent, judiciously made and streamlined, the scope of financial corruption gets squeezed.
Therefore, propagation of moral and ethical values is of great significance. If the youngesters are taught such values, all social evils, the society is confronted with, would automatically get defeated and eradicated.
In democracy, the character of a citizen values much than a strong weaponary. Progress and prosperity of a nation rests entirely on the standard of morality of its people.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)