Road Accident Victim Fund

Sixth State Road Safety Council meeting which was convened recently and attended by top governmental functionaries was informed about the creation of Road Accident Victim Fund . Looking to the series of gruesome road accidents in the State, especially in hilly areas of Jammu division, formulating relevant policies to deal with the alarming rate in the spurt of road accidents, such a fund was required the most and it is a welcome step taken by the Government. More is required to be done .
Passengers and private vehicles reportedly would nowbe benefitted with the ex-gratia amount, the limit of which has been worked out. Since worn out and out of tune vehicles were largely contributing to such accidents, funds have been created per vehicle to replace such 500 identified vehicles having over stood their age. Besides, new buses, 40 electric buses in twin capital cities would be introduced. However, accident prone areas needed to be identified and measures taken to prevent occurrence of frequent accidents. Establishing a few Trauma centres was not sufficient unless they should also be made fully functional which should form the priority of Road Safety Council.