FATF gives final timeline to Pak

Pakistan should never behave like an ostrich and take the stand of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) against it by continuing to keep that country on ‘Grey List’ as cavilling in ordinary course of business but thank its stars for having got a timeline of four months, say till February 2020 , in all probabilities as the last one , to mend its ways and stop its committed indulgence in money laundering, terror funding and collateral financial transactions to keep terrorism in a ‘functional mode’. If it failed to comply with what the international terror financing watchdog has asked it to do, it could add as the third country to the list of those who are undergoing the “financial punishment” by being on the “Black List” , viz North Korea and Iran.
In other words, continuing to be placed on the Grey List meant that Pakistan would find it extremely difficult to get any sort of financial assistance, loans , aids or whatever to bail out its bankrupt and dormant economy, from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Union and the like. Could it still afford to remain clung to its state policy of aiding , abetting and sustaining terrorism and rolling out trained , indoctrinated and highly radicalised terrorists ? While the fast moving world was manufacturing and rolling out modern and innovative products for the utility of the mankind, Pakistan on the other hand, was rolling out trained terrorists to spread violence and mayhem which could not be allowed any more.
What brazen face it was wearing when showing up at various international platforms when 27 tasks assigned by the FATF to it , it should fail in as many as in 22 tasks which the decision making body of the watchdog ascertained beyond any iota of doubt? Was it not an open admission by such an important global organisation that Pakistan was going to any extent to flout international opinion and was setting at naught increased international concern about its active role in promoting and sustaining terrorism on a continuous basis. Pakistan should read the writing on the wall , if not between the lines about FATF coming out with the explicit stricture against it especially when China is bossing it currently and Pakistan continues to live under the spell of daydreaming that China , itsall weather friend – rather allay, would continue to come to its rescue and bail it out at every platform. Putting it on Grey List and showing no leniency was to establish by Xiangmin Liu , the (Chinese ) Head of FATF that much more than the ‘friendship’ with Pakistan , it was the stature and standing of China internationally that mattered most to be protected.
Added to all that kerfuffle Pakistan was deeply in, it was precariously cocooning itself very intricately by continuing to keeping its head deep involved in terror activities on day to day basis in Kashmir valley, the recent incidents of killing in cold blood, three non local innocent people in South Kashmir’s Shopian district was indicator of even the deadline of February 2020 would show no improvement in its overall rating and its imminent plunging into the Black List. Expectedly , that was more than sure. Pakistan cannot, come what may, abandon its commitment to promote terror , it has thirty to forty thousand trained terrorists waiting in the wings in combat , to take “assignments” , it has number of terrorist organisations active across the country , the Prime Minister himself was talking of war cry or Jihad and exhorting people from the other side of the border of PoKto cross to our side to create commotion and disturbances.Under these circumstances the “fate” of February 2020 timeline is sealed as of now.