Revision of RBA Category

This has reference to the writeup’Periodic Revision of RBA category (DE, June 25, 2019).There is no doubt there has been a lot of development in our country including our state since independence but the fact remains that our state, primarily being a hilly state having some treacherous and inaccessible terrain where people donot have access to good road connectivity, education and other facilities with the result that residents of such areas donot have a level playfield when it comes for them to compete with those living in cities and towns ,for Government jobs, admission to professional colleges and other spheres.It is, perhaps with this objective that the State Government notifies such villages as Backward areas.But as the time advances, the winds of change blow and many such villages get developed to such an extent that they have more facilities and development than those in many other villages not covered under RBA.The writer has highlighted the names of some RBA villages near towns and cities in Kashmir, which have many faciliities such as Degree Colleges, good road connectivity, Office of SDM, Banks, Higher secondery schools, English medium schools and yet continue to enjoy the status of RBA.There may be many such villages in Jammu Division too.So what is required is that a periodic review of such villages should be ordered, say after every ten years and those which have made perceptible progress over the last few years and are no more backward are denotified as per provision under section 11 of J&K Backward Classes Commission Act 1997 and thus, excluded from the list of Villages falling under RBA.At the same time, such villages as have not witnessed much visible progress and lack the basic facilities are notified as RBA to provide reservation to the youth living in such villages so that they can get jobs in the government sector, admission in professional colleges and other facilities as provided in the Reservation Act.But sad as it is, many employees selected on the basis of RBA category are reluctant to serve in such villages as notified as RBA and get their posting/transfer orders modified and thus, adjusted in cities/towns or on the outskirts.As such, the plight of the residents of backward areas remains almost unchanged and they continue to suffer because of shortage of staff of various Departments in their villages.Therefore, it requested to the authorities at the helm of affairs to ensure that the employees selected under the RBA category must mandatorily be posted in RBA areas for at least seven years as provided in the Reservation Act so that these areas may develop in terms of education and enjoy other facilites and benefits at their doorsteps.
Ashok Padha,
Near Railway Station,
Chak Rakhwal