Revenue Court Cases Monitoring System

One more step has been taken by the UT Administration towards ensuring that not only comparatively timely justice was provided and not considerably delayed due to whatever reasons, now in revenue related cases, but the litigants could access to the status of a case pending in a revenue court . Jammu and Kashmir has, therefore, become one of only a few states and UTs in the country by adopting what is called Revenue Court Cases Monitoring System (RCCMS), the pilot launch of this scheme having recently been made . This system shall ensure establishing of an efficient, accountable, public oriented and transparent justice delivery system. An on-line access is now provided which can be useful for litigants, advocates and even general public in revenue related court cases. In public domain, now onwards,details of revenue related cases including filing of new cases and maintaining of case related history shall prove citizens’ friendly and surely felt smooth delivery of one more public service provided to them. Those living in far flung areas and otherwise remaining eager to know about ”further developments” of their cases shall stand benefitted as accessing to cases shall become more simple and easy. Gradually changes in the system especially in justice related matters and introduction of people friendly measures are definitely going to show encouraging results on the ground and introduction of RCCMS is towards the commitment being made on umpteen times by the UT Government to provide effective and good governance ”at people’s doorsteps” . It is, however, agreed that lot remains to be done in ensuring that no inordinate delay was caused in justice delivery to the litigants as decisions in revenue or land related matters usually take a lot of time especially when it comes to deciding about the title of the land.