Restore Internet Services in J&K

We, are informed daily by Mobile service providers that internet services in our area are suspended for some time. This message encounters us with the start of day and does remind us about our status in the Indian democratic federation where suspension of right to information for an uncertain period is justified by ruling dispensation in our means public interest. We have been living without basic internet service that is considered today a basic necessity to sustain in the larger world village. Living in isolation not by choice but under compulsion throws a basic challenge to our existence and raises a sense of helplessness amongst us. It needs no emphasis that the suspension of mobile internet services are creating a vacuum in the mind of young people who can hardly afford to live without information in the present day competitive world as their studies are hampered beyond recovery and it refrains them to send their candidature for so many competitive examinations at national and international level. I am equally sure that our young generation is nowhere less than any other citizen of their contemporary age and qualification residing in any other part of India but to their fate that they have been denied of their fundamental rights to information and education.
We may once again urge the highest office of Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to take up restoration of Mobile Internet services without any further delay in the interest of 1.3 Crore people of India living in the Union Territory of JK so that they are provided equal opportunity to be part of Indian Union and contribute towards her progress and prosperity unhindered.
WgCdr (Retd) Mahesh Chander Sudan
Sainik Colony, Jammu