A heart wrenching incident

This refers to a recent tragic incident in Tral Pulwama of South Kashmir. In a heart wrenching incident, a sister namely Nusrat Jan died after she was allegedly burnt alive by her husband and in-laws. She had a five-year-old son and a three year-old daughter. The deceased lady had suffered more than seventy percent burn injuries and was battling for life for five days at SMHS Srinagar. The lady made tragic revelation before hours of her death that how she was burnt alive by her husband and her in laws. She also exposed that they used to torture her mercilessly and were demanding dowry. How humans on Earth can be so cruel and merciless? We as Kashmiris were never known for such inhuman and brutal acts. Infact we were proud of our culture and people were filled with emotions and compassion. Such heartrending incidents are really a blot on our society. We can’t afford to see our beloved sisters suffer when they have a highest position in our society. Our daughters and sisters are a blessing to us and they make our life worthy. Our police and administration must not go easy in this case and be harsh to the culprits. The citizens and the social organizations must become active and highly condemn such brutal acts. Justice must prevail in this heartrending case.
Dr Shahid Amin, Trali
Asst. Professor,
ITM University Gwalior II