Reservation in promotions

This has reference to the article ‘Reservation in promotion’ by P L Kher. The author, it seems, has very little knowledge of the Constitution of India under which reservation to SCs, STs is being provided in Government jobs. I agree with his point that, the State of Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing an unprecedented and massive debate on the issue of ‘No reservation in promotion’, because of few people having their own vested interest. The author wanted to show that whole of the State is against reservation in promotion which is wrong. I want to tell him that only few persons from two districts i.e Jammu and Poonch are raking up this issue.
People like Mr Kher are trying to weaken the country by dividing people on caste basis. He should know presently India is fighting casteism and terrorism. Casteism is dangerous than terrorism for the country. He does not know reservation means representation.
Mr Kher does not know that what the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said in the House the other day. In her statement, she said that there are a total of 484901 Govt employees barring autonomous bodies, corporations. Of which 108412 are from reserved categories (RBA 46270), LoC 5369, Social caste 4702 and SCs 17350 (i.e just 3 percent out 8 percent quota) and ST 34,721. Moreover, Mr Kher also does not know that under RBA and LoC, categories reservation is provided to open categories people only. SCs, STs are entitled for reservation in RBA, LoC categories.
Yours etc…
S S Bhagat
Read the article written by Er P L Kher completely.
Nice article in which the author has successfully deliberated on “Reservation in promotion”. I support the views and ideology of the writer as reservation in promotion is snatching the fundamental right of “Right to Equality” from General Category. When a person is recruited in Government service, there is due representation of reserved category candidates but the existing rule of reservation in promotion makes the Junior recruit as boss of his Senior which is social injustice.
Yours etc…..
Er Gopal Sharma