Repeal Farm Laws

Sir, When the farmers are agitating against the recent laws passed by the Central Government, why PM Modi is adamant to continue with these laws against the wishes of the farmers. Why he is favouring Gujaratis, such as Ambani, and others because he is not the Prime Minister of Gujarat only but whole of the country. He should immediately take remedial measures as already more than seventy farmers have lost their lives during the agitation. He is not the monarch but elected by the people’s representatives. The delay may cause more anger among the farmers. To avoid further confrontations Prime Minister should immediately repeal the laws as the farmers are the backbone of the society and people as a whole. Rigidness always leads to devastation which create hindrances and affect peace and prosperity of the country. Moreover, laws are always framed for the benefit of the people and if such laws are opposed Government should not make any prestige while withdrawing laws. Narinder Singh Director Information (Retd) J&K Governm