Relief from ailments lies in Naturopathy

Sanjeev K. Sharma
A ‘Nature Cure Hospital’ is there in the City of Temples at Ambphalla for the last about half of a century giving relief to the ailing people, but, only few people in Jammu know about this facility.
Only of its kind in the entire Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, the Hospital provides treatment to various ailments ranging from common cold and cough to chronic diseases like tuberculosis, heart problems etc. All the diagnosis and treatments in this Hospital are done under the expert supervision and guidance of renowned Naturopath, Dr. Kapil Batra.
In an exclusive interaction with Daily Excelsior, Dr. Batra talked about various aspects of Naturopathy—the therapy used in this Hospital to cure various ailments.

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Dr Batra informed that Naturopathy forms an ingredient of Indian System of Alternative Medicines. The difference between English System of Medicines and Naturopathy is that the former destroys the disease causing pathogen inside the body while the latter removes it from the body.
Dr Kapil Batra informed that the Hospital has facilities to diagnose and cure all diseases by Ayurveda, Acupressure, Sujok, Acupuncture, Reiki and all alternative therapies. He named some of the diseases they mostly deal with as Slip Disc, Sciatica, Cervical, Lower Back Pain, Knee Pain, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Constipation, Kidney Stone and Migraine.
Dr. Batra also said that in Naturopathy they use Tulsi leaves, Neem, Giloy, soil, oils, spices, alum, water and other common substances to treat the patients. He also informed that solar therapy, colour therapy, music therapy, sound therapy, Vastu therapy, astrology, counseling, Reki etc also form Indian System of Alternate Medicines and these therapies are used in the Nature Cure Hospital.
Simran a 12 years old girl at the Hospital, with little difficulty in speaking said that she was continuously visiting the Hospital for the last 19 days. Her mother informed that earlier Simran was unable to speak and was in a habit running away. Simran is getting free of cost treatment for her mental ailment at the Natural Cure Hospital and her mother said that the girl has improved a lot in this brief period of time.
Ritu Luthra, 47, a housewife was in the Hospital with back pain problem and she was undergoing magnetic therapy treatment. She claimed 25 per cent relief from pain after getting the said therapy.
Another patient, Kanan, 25, a businessman had Naval Displacement (Nabhi or Dharan) problem and he got acupressure treatment at the Hospital. He also claimed relief after the therapy.
Dr Batra further said that they charge nominal fee from the patients while the poor patients are not charged at all. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays nothing is charged from anyone.
The Hospital starts its routine work at 8:00 in the morning and remains open till 8:00 in the evening.
Chamber for steam bath, massage by experts, acupressure, magnetic therapy, facilities for enema, Yoga etc are available at the Hospital under the expert supervision.
The Hospital staff, under the supervision of Dr. Kapil Batra, organize camps at various places in the City. Dr Batra said they mostly organize camps at places of large gatherings like during religious functions when sermons by some renowned saints are delivered.
Dr. Batra informed that he had studied Naturopathy at Mahatma Jagdishwaranand Jeevan Nirman Institute of Drugless Therapies, Mumbai; Ayurvedic Neuro Hospital and Research Centre Kota-Rajasthan and Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Institute, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He said that after getting naturopathy education from all these institutes he worked in different parts of the country.
Dr. Batra said at Budhlata (Punjab) he treated a dumb boy who immediately responded to his Naturopathy treatment and started speaking. He further said that an 18 years old girl who was carrying Urobag with her for continuous 15 days, as she was having some urine related ailment, got relief after naturopathy treatment for which Dr. Batra was awarded Gold Medal. At a 15 day camp in Rajasthan, a paralytic patient attained normal health after treatment of Naturopathy by Dr. Batra who also talked about many more achievements of his life while curing the patients using Naturopathy.
Dr. Batra said that Giloy, black pepper, Tulsi leaves and ginger boiled in water forms syrup which may be used to strengthen immunity which in turn acts as safeguard against any pathogen including Coronavirus.
The Nature Cure Hospital has nurses, Naturopathy doctors, trained assistants for Naturopathy, receptionist and watchmen.
Dr. Batra informed that Naturopathy got recognition by the J&K government when Bali Bhagat was Health Minister in the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State.
The Hospital is a charitable institute run by Barkat Ram Vidya Wanti Ghai Dharamarth Trust with renowned Dr. Ved Ghai (Padamshree) as it’s Chairperson and Priya Bharat Ghai as its president.
Naturopathy Day
On November 18 National Naturopathy Day is celebrated across the country and different awareness and check-up camps of Naturopathy are organized on this day.
Free Training
Dr. Batra informed that the Hospital will soon start free of cost training programmes in Naturopathy for three, six and 12 months after which the trained people will be adjusted in Naturopathy clinics in Jammu and other parts of J&K Union Territory.