Regularisation of CIC operators

Whether the matter of regularisation in service of CIC operators was in the domain of the General Administration Department or that of the Rural Development Department or the Establishment cum Selection Committee (ESC) being not clear to the originating department and others concerned has put into jeopardy the regularisation of 172 CIC operators. The file moving in virtual wilderness since 2017 from one department to the other even after some information having been sought by each department on the subject exposes the way of functioning of the Government departments besides treating the routine matter of ‘regularisation of employees’ as something ‘touch me not’.
The case was referred to General Administration Department which after returning the file to the Rural Development Department with instructions to refer the case to the Establishment cum Selection Committee is all bound to take considerable time not dictated by set procedures. Since because of the practice of treating regularisation of employees in just a casual manner, left even to whims of the concerned authorities, such a type of handling personnel matters by the administration is uncalled for. It is intriguing that the would be beneficiaries have almost all completed the age of 45 years and not knowing how many years it would take the administration to take a decision of regularisation makes a pitched clamouring for a review of such a practice to do away with it and to empower the Departmental Heads to recommend regularisation of employees say after maximum two years or otherwise and forward the same to the GAD which must endorse such a decision so that the Damocles’ Sword no longer keeps on hanging indefinitely over the deserving employees.