Reforming UN for Global Peace

The recent Israel-Hamas conflict once again raises questions about the effectiveness of the United Nations (UN) in preventing and resolving global conflicts. Despite the UN’s noble mission, it has often struggled to fulfil its objectives. The world has changed significantly since the UN’s establishment, and it is time to consider meaningful reforms.
The conflict in Israel and Gaza highlights the urgent need for the UN to take concrete action to maintain international peace and protect civilians. The UN Security Council, which reflects the realities of a bygone era, is in dire need of reform. It should better represent today’s global political landscape by expanding its membership, including more voices from Asia, Africa, and South America.
Moreover, the UN should clarify its role, viz-a-viz either focusing on peace and security missions or emphasizing development and humanitarian work. The lack of consensus on these vital issues must be addressed.
In a world facing numerous challenges, the UN’s ability to promote peace and security is crucial. It is time for the international community to come together and reform the UN to better serve its founding purpose.
Neha Aggarwal