Rassana villagers’ many questions unanswered

Avtar Bhat
KATHUA, Apr 18: Not satisfied with the Crime Branch (CB) investigation, the agitated people of Rassana village in Hiranagar Assembly segment of Kathua district reiterated the CBI probe demand saying that many of their questions remained unanswered in the recent chargesheet framed by CB.
The villagers who felt scared and have mostly left their houses and were on dharna at Kootah Morh where four women from the village are on continuous fast unto death for last 19 days told the visiting Excelsior team today that they apprehended the Rassana murder of a minor girl was a part of big conspiracy to create a Hindu-Muslim divide in the area.
“We demand a CBI probe into the matter”, said Madhu Sharma, elder daughter of Sanji Ram who has been named the main mastermind by CB in the murder and kidnapping case of a minor girl. “The Government should order the CBI probe which will conduct the narco test of the people who are real suspects in the murder and kidnapping”, she added.
Smelling a rat, she said that the SHO Hiranagar was put under suspension because he arrested the relative of the girl soon after her dead body was recovered. Instead of suspending the SHO the relative of the girl should have been also interrogated by the police as there was a family feud between the girl’s adopted parents and real parents, she added.
“This we disclosed before the Crime Branch investigating team who visited the village but they did not pay any heed and worked on another theory of implicating the entire village as this suited the CB as well as the Government”, said wailing and sobbing Madhu.
Maintaining that her father and brother as well as other people named by CB in the case were innocent, she asked “how can a father who had retired in November last year would call his son undergoing training in the Agriculture University at Meerut to the village for doing such a heinous crime and put his career at stake and jeopardy”?
“Every father wants to build the career of his children so that they can stand on their legs and also become the support of their parents in old age, she said, adding and no father will stoop to such a level that he will call his son from a professional college to rape a girl as this has not been our culture and civilization”.
Madhu who termed the CB probe a total concocted story said first why the Police officer from Srinagar was brought to probe whose integrity was itself doubtful. “Moreover, why the CB did not pay any heed to our statement that the dead body was recovered on January 17 and during the night of January 16 the transformer of the village was damaged in between 10 and 11 pm. “We heard a big bang and all electric gadgets of villagers fused. Later in the wee hours of January 17 at about 2 to 3 am two tall youth were seen coming to the village on a Bullet Motor Cycle which was in fast speed and after making a round of the village they returned in the same speed”, she added.
She said this they narrated to the CB also but they did not mention it in their chargesheet. Some villagers had seen the Bullet and two youth however “I can’t disclose their identity for security reasons but we have narrated every thing to CB investigating team”.
Anuja Sharma another village woman who also terms the CB investigation a concocted story said that people the Devasthan in the village which is their Kuldevta and besides, the Nag Devta inside the Devasthan there is the abode of Hanuman and Pirbaba also exists in the same complex. “The Devasthan has three doors and many windows. The devotees visit there daily and perform pooja -archna both in the morning and evening so how the girl could be kept captive there”, she asked?.
She said moreover Deepak Khajuria who is an SPO can’t visit the Kuldevta as there is also the place of Nag Devta and Khajuria’s as per Hindu mythology can’t visit the place which is the abode of Nag Devta.

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Terming it a hatched conspiracy, she said how can villagers throw the body after her murder near their house or Devsthan which is just 500 meters away from the village and the place where from the body was recovered is not even 10 feet away from the foot path leading to the village,. This was a ploy to defame the villagers who belong to Brahmin community, she added.
She said that during the period when the girl went missing and after her body was found Vishal son of Sanji Ram was at Meerut and he did not visit here during that time. He had visited the village before this episode took place, she added.
She also termed the story that the Devasthan has a underground room and asked the team of journalists who were in the village to go and see for themselves whether there is any underground room in the Devasthan or not.
The villagers demanded the Narco test be conducted to a leader of self styled NGO who from day one tried to give a communal turn to the case and who is closely linked to Hurriyat hardliner Geelani and woman student leader of JNU as well as another NGO leader and a lady advocate of Jammu. The trio is deeply involved in the conspiracy and the Crime Branch should have investigated this angle also, said Monika younger daughter of Sanji Ram with tears in her eyes.
She said that they have not even seen this girl earlier in the village and their family as well as other youth of the village, were framed under a big conspiracy, which they will unmask.
She said that it is the age of technology and no body can hide facts. There was a dispute as the adopted father of the girl did not want to return her to the real parents who were insisting for the same from a long time. “Why CB did not examine this angle also instead of defaming our community by labeling us rapists and murders”? she added.
The villagers were also critical of politicians especially from Valley who too tried to give it a communal colour without knowing facts and demanded that Narco test of adopted parents of girl as well as NGO leader and others be conducted to bring facts to light.
At Koota Morh where four women are sitting on fast till death demanding CBI probe into the matter and justice to the victim as well as the innocents who have been framed in their charge sheet by CB said they have been nationalists to core and have nurtured the Praja Parishad Movement of 1952 with their blood. Hiranagar is a land of patriots and not criminals or rapists. “Our struggle will continue till dispensation of justice”, said Raj Kumar of Jatwal.
Sham Kishore, another local who too was sitting on dharna, said it is a conspiracy to defame the people of Hiranagar. Some say that girl’s uncle and aunt are missing since the day girl went missing but no one probed that as CB is under Government pressure.


  1. Kudos to the Patriotic and Brave people of HiraNagar.
    Stay steadfast in your efforts and have faith in god. This nefarious conspiracy by the Kashmiris will boomerang on them. Truth will prevail !!
    Everybody wants justice for the girl and Justice shall prevail !
    God be with you !!