‘Rakh-e-Aarath’ without basic facilities, people suffer; Admn unmoved

Residents of Rakh-e-Aarath protesting on Monday. —Excelsior/Shakeel
Residents of Rakh-e-Aarath protesting on Monday. —Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Dec 6: The Dal dwellers who were way back in the 2013 year shifted to Rakh-e-Aarath continue to live without the availability of the basic necessities which today prompted them to stage a protest here.
Scores of people who have been relocated to Rakh-e-Aarath, Bemina appeared in the Press Enclave and protested against the authorities for failing in providing them with the necessities that were promised to them when they were shifted
“We were promised a lot, but nothing has been given to us, we lack even the basic facilities, living there is turning out to be a punishment for us,” they said.
The residents said that the authorities even after the passage of 10 years have been deceiving them and have been given nothing but tall promises.
“Even after the passage of 10 years, we don’t have a healthcare facility, we don’t have schools; our roads are pathetic,” the residents said.
They said that they are suffering for the want of drinking water even as the concerned officers are doing nothing but pushing them to the wall.
“Time and again, we have approached the concerned officers, but we have always been threatened; those officers call the police and accuse us of attacking them. Is this the way,” the aggrieved residents said.
The residents said that they are also suffering for the want of land which they need for burying their dead. “The concerned department had identified 2 kanals of land, but there was no headway, then we came to know that the land has been given to the land brokers,” they said.
The residents have appealed to the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and other officers to address their issues once for all by issuing the necessary directions to the departments involved.