Rajeshwar’s stories close to reality

O P Sharma

Name of the book : Addh-Majhatai
(A collection of stories in Dogri)
Author : Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Publisher : Maya Sansar, Suraksha Vihar, Top Paloura, Jammu..

The 160-page book entitled ‘Addh-Majhatai, a collection of short stories in Dogri by Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ is an absorbing book. Dogri Short stories always entralls the readers and forms important segment of our literature. I found the Rajeshwar Raju stories informative, interesting and based on hard realities of life.
After Khoudal (Confusion), which was awarded prestigious Prof. Ram Nath Shastri Award-2015 for Best First Book writer now, ADDH MAJHATAI (In-Between) is second book penned by renowned fiction writer and columnist Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’.
It was released by Ved Rahi, an eminent literary personality at an impressive function under the banner of Dogri Sanstha at Abhinav Theatre Jammu recently. The book has been published by Maya Sansar, Jammu and Mr. Raju has dedicated it to the memory of his father-in-law late Raghubir Singh Slathia.
The book contains 11 stories in Dogri language and is based upon a variety of social issues characterized by deep humanism, psychological and social topics and also moral values and behaviors. Almost all the stories are thought provoking and compel the reader to experience harsh realities of life.
Ik Rukhe Di Mout
The story has been woven around a man’s passion for nature but the circumstances compel him to sell the very Mango tree that was so dear to him as he had planted it during his childhood. He was much fascinated and fond of it and was even the pride of entire village for its sweet fruits and remarkable existence. Ironically, his young son had suffered fatal blow to his spinal cord and had become handicapped by falling down from the same Mango tree and he needed money desperately to get better treatment for his son. Ultimately the son dies but not before leaving an important message that one can’t earn life by selling death. The story is very emotional and thought provoking too thus touching the heart of readers.
Tanhaiye Dangdi Ae
This story narrates the harsh realities of life that one undergoes especially in stress and strain loaded modern era. Dharamveer, a Bank Manger is so lost within his professional career that he forgets his duties towards his family members. Many a time his wife warns him to maintain a balance between professional commitments and domestic obligations thus saying that if he doesn’t have time for his kids at this juncture, the Time will come when even children will not have time for him when he will need them most. It turns as a reality after the death of his wife. The story is very close to modern day reality.
Akalmand Log
It exposes those hypocrite people who seem as intelligent ones yet lack humanity. According to story-line an old lady losts highly educated doctor and teacher in her a small hut and acts like a perfect host during a cyclone. Both of them are pleased with her hospitality and express all sorts of good words. But when it comes to help that helpless lady, they chose to flee away. The story raises many questions about the mental set up of so-called modern society that poses to be highly educated one, full of intellect and yet are the slur on humanity.
Social Theme
This sensitive story has been woven around the media which is always looking for new stories while it forgets even the ethics also. For whatever they write about they seldom follow themselves while advocating that cigarette smoking and drinking are injurious to health but themselves are chain smokers and love to write under the influence of liquor. The story depicts the mental agony of a boy who is engaged by Chicken Store to slaughter broilers and who is intolerant to screams of scared chicks. But the innocent boy is exposed in media only to make a hell of life for him. The story is bold one and is an eye opener for pseudo journalism.
Addh Majhatai
The old aged people do suffer a lot during last phase of their life for one or the other reason. Addh Majhatai is the story of their sufferings in an emotional way. The story is about old aged people who have lived their lives on their own terms and conditions but are forced to depend on others’ terms and conditions in later stage of life when they need ultra care from their wards. Ethics plead that at this stage of life the elders have all the rights and should have the privilege to live with all comforts, free from stress and strain. Ironically, such a ideal situation is limited to stories only and the actual truth is bitter one.
Need of Our Time
The subject story has been woven around the female child who were are not welcome in the society despite tall claims by parents and others. This story has shaken the society with hard realities.
All the other stories are fascinating and interesting and make an educative and exciting reading.
The book is finely printed with good get-up having fascinating short stories numbering 11-mostly based on hard realities of life. Rajeshwar Singh Raju has made a solid contribution to Dogri literature.
I expect that many readers will go through this book and enjoy it as a pride possession.
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