Rahul Gandhi alleges China encroached on landmass as big as Delhi in Ladakh, claims media silent on it

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New Delhi, Sept 11: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, during a meeting with National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) members alleged China has encroached into Indian territory in Ladakh on a landmass as wide as the national capital Delhi, said sources on Saturday.
Sources said that while addressing the meeting, Gandhi also alleged that the media is keeping silent on the BJP-led government’s action, contrary to its constant criticism of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government during its tenure.
“Rahul Gandhi while addressing NSUI leaders today said China has encroached on Indian land, as much land as Delhi, in Ladakh. He said if this had happened during the UPA government, the media would have criticised it 24X7. He said the media would have said the UPA government has destroyed the country, but today, it is keeping silent,” sources said.
Sources said that recalling the media coverage after the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Gandhi said, “Media termed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as useless after 26/11 terrorist attack, but it called Prime Minister Narendra Modi as fearless after Pulwama attack.”
“He said media will be left useless the day we decide to go to the public directly,” sources claimed.
Sources said that the Congress leader went further to attack the media and claimed, “Before independence, leading newspapers supported the British government during the freedom movement, as they are supporting the government today. In sections of the media during the British rule, Mahatma Gandhi was abused 24X7.” (Agencies)