Quality of Jammu water sans BIS standards

Really availability of drinking water is not only a problem in Jammu where many areas are getting water supply on rotation after two to three days gap but whether whatever water for whatever short duration was made available was of reasonable quality. Well, we can only have our fingers crossed in that if it was so but it is not as all the water samples lifted from various areas of Jammu have failed to qualify Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and various tests. A cause of worry, indeed.
River Tawi is the main source of water supply which is filtrated and then supplied to people in Jammu but how much is this river polluted is known to everybody but what is not known to most of us is whether this polluted water was getting fully filtered and made worth drinking. After air, water is the second immediate requirement of a man rather all living creatures but our callous attitude towards water and the issue of its quality being on lesser priority for the Government, have made things reach this pass.
We would request the administration to tone up the functioning of this incoherent and seemingly disarrayed department and take up the matter with the top officials for devising ways to be implemented to prevent our drinking water becoming like the one supplied in Delhi. Wherever we pass through roads, lanes etc, we find water supply pipes are leaking which results in not only massive wastage of water but the same getting contaminated which should be plugged under a sustained drive.