Pyongyang confirms testing new weapon on Friday

PYONYANG, Aug 17: North Korea on Saturday confirmed that it tested some new weapon on Friday, adding that their Supreme leader Kim Jong Un guided the launch.
“Juche shells were fired in the presence of the Supreme Leader”, KCNA said in a report.
On Friday, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) General Park Han-ki had said that North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles from its eastern Tongchon area in the Kangwon province. The projectiles flew in the direction of the Sea of Japan.
Friday’s launch was the sixth projectile launch by North Korea since July 25. The country previously fired what the JCS called a short-range ballistic missile last Saturday.
Notably, the UN Security Council has prohibited North Korea from developing its ballistic missile program.
Meanwhile KCNA noted perfect results of Friday’s test launch and praised North Korea’s confidence in its weapons system. Kim, in his turn, reportedly expressed satisfaction over the level of development of the country’s science and defense technology.
”Everyone should remember that it is the Party’s core plan and fixed will for defence building to possess such a powerful force strong enough to discourage any forces from daring to provoke us”, Kim said in the report.
The launches were conducted amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Kim has been opposing the ongoing US-South Korean military exercise. North Korea even rejected Seoul’s recent announcement of reunification plans by 2045.