Protect Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the variability among living organism and stands important for the survival of the earth. Its importance can be seen in every aspect of life viz-a-viz social, aesthetic and in moral. The problem relating to biodiversity is much grave, though the utilization of its resources is important for mankind. It is important to preserve these resource for our future progeny through its proper utilization. It is therefore necessary to conserve biodiversity on priority basis to ensure environmental food and health security for the future.
India has a tropical monsoon climate with a wide variety of physical features and climatic situations, thus having diversity of habitat in the shape of forests, grasslands, wetlands, coastal and marine ecosystem. India is one of the twelve mega biodiversity countries of the world and one of the four in Asia. With only 2.4 percent of the land area, the biodiversity in India is under great biotic pressure due to human actions, resulting in threats to the habitats and simultaneously to eco-system also. The challenge ahead is in adopting a path of utilization that does not conflict with its sustainable use as is envisaged under the preamble of Biodiversity Act (2003) of India.
S N Raina