Prospects of banning election rallies

I f political leaders, star campaigners and others organising and addressing election rallies without observing the necessary guidelines issued by the Election Commission last year think that they could get away without facing the due action, it would be all a wishful thinking as made very clear by the EC that it would not hesitate in altogether banning such rallies. Moving in an exposed way without masks and encouraging the crowds to gather without the same was tantamount to extending invitation to the invincible and dreaded virus to visit the violators at a ”huge and unaffordable cost”. Elections are to be held, fought, contested, won and lost and campaigning for candidates all done by the political parties in the country but not by breaching the COVID safety guidelines which has been made clear by the EC in a letter addressed to all political parties in the context of “widely known that in the recent weeks, COVID cases are being reported in larger numbers.” It is , therefore, left to the discretion of the suspected violators to choose between safety guidelines and a total ban on rallies and gatherings likely to be imposed by the EC.