Project Reports sans ‘connectivity provisions’

Can a bridge or a building be of any use, any utility- if not approachable through roads and if Detailed Project Reports (DPR) are silent about this cardinal condition and prerequisite, does that DPR merit being considered for any sort of approval? Obviously, not even in the least. How does it look that there should be many such instances in Jammu and Kashmir where proper approach roads are nowhere to be seen, causing in turn, multifarious problems for the public besides serving no purpose for which with hard earned public money such structures are raised and thus the money of substantial amount getting squandered away.
At the outset, there should be all such data collected and accountability fixed as to how such DPRs were approved. Agreed, looking to spate of irregularities, omissions and commissions, misuse of funds or even reckless wastage of public money, the UT Government needs to mobilise more resources of personnel to probe and suitably tackle such issues which we have been bringing into the notice of the public and the Government from time to time. Mere taking serious note of such glaring ”oversights”, things cannot be expected to be smoothened. Bring in element of accountability and enforce it strictly to feel change on the ground. However, it is a step in right direction, now, not to accord approval to such DPRs which omit the sensitive ingredient of reasonably proper approach roads to the proposed project.