Prevention vigilance is obligatory

Could a state like Jammu and Kashmir where in the administrative system, corruption and corrupt practices are more frequent to the extent of an established practice, preventive vigilance is afforded to be given no importance? It is an admitted fact that those State departments where public interface and more personal visits by the ‘ applicants’ were large and wide , chances of corruption and underhand means were rampant. We also know how the findings and recommendations of even the Anti Corruption Bureau are treated, at times, with options to either ignore them or keep them in suspended prolonging state with intent to let the corrupt official get a breather and ‘honourable’ exit from the trap of the law. This is unacceptable and untenable especially when analysed in the backdrop of the tall claims and rhetoric of fighting rather rooting out the malaise of corruption by the Government.
We reiterate our stand to make Anti Corruption Bureau professionally autonomous after ensuring the organisation was manned by efficient , honest, sincere and fearless officers who were adequately paid by way of additional special allowances as incentives and provided with all facilities like staff and other infrastructure . Internal vigilance within the Departments needed to be not only strengthened but made more comprehensive. Besides, a major part of preventive vigilance would be strengthening frequent audits by internal and external audit agencies. The adage that prevention is better than (protracted) cure holds very true in the instant case.