Policies of hate dangerous for nation: AICC Secy

Senior Cong leaders Shakeel Khan, G A Mir, Raman Bhalla and others at a Cong rally at Raipur Domana in Jammu.
Senior Cong leaders Shakeel Khan, G A Mir, Raman Bhalla and others at a Cong rally at Raipur Domana in Jammu.

*Cong will bring State out of miseries: Mir
Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 30: Secretary All India Congress Committee, Shekeel Ahmed Khan, PCC chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir and several senior leaders Tara Chand, Mula Ram, Ajay Sadhotra (NC), Balwan Singh and others addressed series of meetings in Raipur- Domana segment of Jammu and sought support for Congress candidate from Jammu-Poonch Lok Sabha constituency Raman Bhalla today.
Speaking on the occasion, Shakeel Ahmed Khan asked the party cadre to gear up for the upcoming Parliamentary and Assembly elections in the State. He asked party functionaries at all levels to work whole-heartedly, in order to defeat the BJP, both at the Centre and in the State. He said that Congress is committed to the harmonious and equitable development of all regions of the State and ensuring social and secular harmony in the state and it always stood for these principles in politics and never compromised these core values for the sake of power.
Khan said that the BJP and PDP entered into an opportunist alliance and compromised their core issues for the sake of power. It was the most opportunist and unnatural alliance in the history, which proved to be disaster for the State. The prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty and chaos in the State and the deteriorated security situation is the result of their opportunist politics for power and failure of BJP-PDP alliance which has left the people of the State in great sufferings. Khan said that policies of hate and divisive is dangerous for nation and great threat to secular fabric of the country and has to be rejected and defeated.
PCC Chief Mir said that previous PDP-BJP Coalition Government failed in providing basic amenities like water, power and ration to the common person of the state. He also said that priority of BJP was not to empower people by strengthening democratic institutions but those at the helm of the affairs wanted to accomplish their selfish designs by controlling such institutions through undemocratic means. Terming the promises made by PDP-BJP Government as “mere bluffs”, he said that voters were fed up with the “sheer opportunism” of these two parties. Both the parties took the extreme positions on most of the emotional issues and exploited their respective constituencies to the hilt, with a false and deceptive promise.
Bhalla in his address blamed BJP for exploiting people by playing with their emotions on good governance drama staged by them. He claimed that BJP has lost the ground miserably. He said that Congress party stands guarantee to the equitable development of all the three regions and the people. It will continue to serve the people to the best of its ability. Congress leader said that there was complete chaos prevailing in the state due to misrule by the coalition Government in the state, which disturbed the socio political scenario of the state to a great extent, he said.
Congress party is committed to resolve the issues confronting people and to fight against discrimination against people. It would continue to remain steadfast in serving the people. He described the previous BJP Government in Jammu and Kashmir as an abject failure, saying the coalition was plagued by distractions that has slowed down the process of development and left the governance in paralytic mode.
Senior leaders Hari Singh Chib, Manmohan Singh, Shiv Dev Singh, Dharamveer Singh,  Subhash Sharma, Kamal Singh, Rajni Bala and Udhay Bhanu Chib were also present.