PM Modi leads the way as Rajya Sabha bids emotional farewell to outgoing Chairman Venkaiah Naidu

Venkaiah Naidu reacts as Derek O Brien speaks while bidding adieu to the Rajya Sabha Chairman

NEW DELHI, Aug 8: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday, bids farewell to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu at the conclusion of his tenure, in the Rajya Sabha.
“This is a very emotional moment for this House. Several historic moments of the House are associated with your graceful presence,” PM Modi said in his farewell speech for Naidu.
“You have said several times, I am retired from politics but not tired from public life. So, your responsibility to lead this House might be ending now but the nation as well as workers of public life – like me – will continue to receive benefits of your experiences,” PM Modi added.
The outgoing vice president Venkaiah Naidu was lauded by the prime minister for his one liners and excellent command over the languages.
Modi said Naidu was of the opinion that disruptions of proceedings beyond a point were contempt of the House.
“He worked on the principle that let the government propose, let Opposition oppose, let the house dispose”, Modi said.
“One of the admirable things about Naidu is his passion for Indian languages. This was reflected in how he presided over the House,” Modi said, adding as chairman he encouraged the use of mother tongue.
“I have worked with Venkaiah Naidu Ji closely over the years. I have also seen him take up different responsibilities and he performed each of them with great dedication,” Modi praised.
Naidu completes his five-year term on August 10.
“As our Vice President, you devoted a lot of time to youth welfare. A lot of your programmes were focused on Yuva Shakti,” he added.
As per Modi, Rajya Sabha productivity increased by 70 per cent during Naidu’s tenure with the increased attendance of MPs.
Modi said Independence Day this year will be celebrated with the president, vice president, Lok Sabha speaker and prime minister all born in independent India. “And each of them comes from very humble backgrounds.” (Agencies)