PM asks bureaucrats to make the best of technology


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked civil servants to make the best of innovation and technology in implementing Government policies.

            He also said that participatory democracy is a must for the development of the nation.

            Addressing bureaucrats at the conclusion of the two-day Civil Services Day function, the Prime Minister said the administration’s aim in the pre-Independence era was to keep the Englishman safe, but today it has to ensure that a common man is provided relief.

            He stressed the need for strategic thinking in implementing Government policies, and also asked bureaucrats to put to use innovation and technology which can become additional strength.

            He said “Janbhagidari” (people’s participation) is a cornerstone of the success of a country such as India.

            The Prime Minister said priority should be given to people’s interests during formulation of policies or new laws.  (AGENCIES)