Plight of oldies

Indeed old age is inevitable to come and everything is destructible in the world.
The relations too are conditional and interest oriented. When a purpose is solved or a thing becomes useless, is thrown away so are the so-called relations, we have in this world. Especially in the micro family system, no place is left for the elders. So self -centred the relations have gone that even the definition of a family has been limited only to the offsprings and the parents who used to be the real head of a family, seem excluded. Alas ! Wisdom comes, when life is at a tail end.The children for whom one sweats throughout the life, feel reluctant to serve them in their old age. Here, one repents and gets saddened for all those actions which often come in life. Infancies of childhood or staff headedness of youth get humbled when own sons and so-called daughters care a least.
Had moral and social values been given to the children, such scenario might not have been seen. Expecting means repenting. A man reaps as one sows still morality demands kind and sympathetic behaviours towards the elders. Heart breaks into pieces when an old man with trembling hands approaches for food in a social gathering or gives long sighs when in a queue on a bank counter or travelling without seat in a bus or train and no one comes forward to help him. When morality disappears or is in a descending order, humanity suffers.
The great world wars, including Mahabharat, thousands year ago, were fought due to immorality and greed. It is a sort of thanklessness and ingratitude on the part of the progeny to leave their parents in lurch when they actually need love, kindness, sympathy and service.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)