Holiday on Maharaja’s birthday

The people of Jammu region are demanding a holiday on birthday anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh. This demand is very genuine and carries weight. Maharaja Hari Singh was ahead of many princely states to introduce reforms in social, economical and educational reforms which improved the condition of residents of the erstwhile state. He worked for all the segments and groups of the society. He opened the doors of schools, temples and other common utilities for untouchables. To encourage education, he opened about twenty thousand primary schools. Immoral trafficking in women was stopped. Peasants were given proprietary rights of land. Practice of Sati was stopped. The practice of child marriage and killing of female infants which was mostly practiced in Rajput families was stopped. Established Jammu and Kashmir Bank and High Court of J&K. Established Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital in Srinagar. In short his contribution towards the welfare of his subjects was immense. The demand for declaring his birthday as a holiday is being raised for quite some time.
Previously it was blamed that the Kashmir centric governments are reluctant to accede to this demand of Dogras. But now the position has changed and the party which was raising this demand vociferously is itself managing the affairs of this erstwhile state . The demand has not been met till date as per the calendar of holidays for 2022 issued by the UT administration. Almost all the political parties watching interest of Jammu and the different biradries have also supported the demand. Sometimes back the legislative Council and now the JMC have also passed the resolutions in favour of the demand. The UT Government should accept this genuine demand of the people of Jammu region to honour the great Maharaja and sentiments of people of the region.
Ekta Vihar Kunjwani