Playing to the gallery

A reputed doctor in Delhi has been treating a separatist leader of Kashmir for about 20 years. He has, reportedly, come under the scanner of NIA recently. Bathing in the reflected glory of the sinister separatist ideology, he has made so bold as to make a statement that scrapping of Article 370 and 35 A was a wrong decision
It is pertinent to say that the above mentioned doctors’ statement does not flow from his conviction so much as from his convenience and compulsion. Amassing of wealth at any cost, is the driving force to have best of both the world heaven here and hell there.
By making statements like the one he has made, he has played to the gallery of the muslim separatists to curry favour with them and find a foothold in the Valley for doing business there also. For him and other like minded professionals of his fraternity sentiment of patriotism and nationalism is something alien to them. They palce their self interest far above national integrity and security when they speak the language of antinational elements.By their utterances they not only harm national interest but also wound the sensibility of the community they belong to—the beleaguered community whose innocent and unsuspected members were driven out of the valley by those very terrorists and fundamentalists with whom these reputed self seekers are hobnobbing with. Very unfortunate.
M L Raina