Plastic tube removed from 70-yr-old woman’s liver

Patient and doctors posing for group photograph.
Patient and doctors posing for group photograph.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 17: A 70-years-old woman got a new lease of life after a migrated plastic tube was removed from her liver through endoscopy.
Giving details, Dr. Hameed Raina, gastroenterologist and hepatologist consultant at Ivy Hospital, Amritsar who performed the procedure said that the patient had reached Ivy hospital with severe pain and vomiting in the upper abdomen area.
On evaluation, a migrated plastic T tube was found placed into the right hepatic duct/common hepatic duct .This tube  was placed during patient’s previous surgery for gall bladder and common bile duct stones.
Dr Hameed further informed that it was a very complicated and challenging case due to various reasons and we decided to remove it endoscopically.
This kind of procedure is usually done by expert national or international gastroenterologists/endoscopists in metropolitian cities with advanced equipment only.
We took up the challenge for the benefit of the patient, maintained Dr Hameed. After about 45 minutes of ERCP procedure, we successfully removed tube and thus avoiding a major surgery to this elderly patient. The patient was discharged next day of surgery, he said.