Personal court appearance of traffic officials

Traffic and its volume is increasing day by day. While it is indicative of economic prosperity and increase in individual incomes and affordability to maintain vehicles, roads more or less have remained the same, construction of a few short distanced flyovers notwithstanding. While the entire State is facing problems of traffic, it is a mess in Kashmir valley especially in Srinagar city and to sort out the same , the State High Court while considering suggestions given by traffic advisor had passed slew of directions to the authorities which have not been implemented . No compliance report has been filed by the Government either.
The State High Court has, in this connection, taken a serious note of non implementation of directions under reference on traffic mess. The Division Bench, as such, sought personal appearance of top officials of the Government in case they failed to file compliance of the said directions within two weeks. The problem of traffic mess gets accentuated by already narrow roads being occupied by vendors, parking places, flawed parking habits, horn honking in prohibited areas, overloading of passengers, boarding and de-boarding of passengers at random and at places of choice instead of at specified places. Not only administrative will to tackle the problem was required but whole hearted cooperation from the general public in adopting and encouraging traffic discipline was very important. Let us hope that within the time granted by the court, compliance was not only ensured but a status report too duly filed in the court by the concerned officials.