People deprived of basic amenities: Manohar Lal

DCC president Kathua, Dr Manohar Lal during election campaign in Bhaddu.
DCC president Kathua, Dr Manohar Lal during election campaign in Bhaddu.

Excelsior Correspondent
KATHUA, Mar 28: Former Minister and President DCC Kathua Dr Manohar Lal Sharma today said that the people of Billawar constituency have been deprived of basic amenities.
While addressing series of public meetings at Bhaddu, Pongran, Daramkote, Dadwara, Mooni, Pranala and Pallan today, Sharma urged the voters to vote for Congress candidate Vikramaditya Singh in the Parliamentary elections.
While lambasting BJP Government and its leadership Sharma expressed his resentment against the previous BJP-PDP Govt and said people of the area are facing major problems such as shortage of water supply, bad condition of roads, shortage of CAPD ration etc.
He pointed out that no new project has been started in the area and the ones started during Congress regime are still waiting for completion due to non- availability of funds.
Manohar further said people are waiting since long for their ration cards but has not received yet, also majority of the hand pumps in the area are not working. He further said it feels pains and pity on seeing the condition of common masses today due to bad governance and lack of vision by the BJP Government.
He said people are now fed up with the hollow promises of BJP and have realized that Congress is the only option for country and said that the day is not far when BJP will we wiped out completely.
DCC leader further lambasted BJP and its leadership for dividing country on communal lines. He said BJP talks of temples but 250 ancient temples alone were demolished during BJP rule in past 4 years. He said BJP raises Temple issue only when elections are nearer to communalize the masses and once elections are over, they forget Temple.