Pensioners asked to submit life certificates by March 31

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 6:  Finance Department has informed all the pensioners/family pensioners who have not furnished their life certificates to their respective pension disbursing banks to immediately furnish the same failing which their pensions will be stopped without any further notice after cutoff date of March 31.
As per the existing norms, both pensioners and family pensioners are mandatorily required to produce life certificates, duly certified by a Gazetted Officer, twice a year to the bank branches from where they draw their pensions. J&K Bank has traditionally fixed November as the month in which pensioners/family pensioners are required to produce the life certificates to the bank.
Earlier, J&K Bank has reported to the Government that 46,533 pensioners / family pensioners had not deposited their life certificates to the respective bank branches from where they draw their pensions by November 2017 and consequently their pensions/family pensions were to be stopped immediately as per norms.
However, on humanitarian grounds, Finance Department extended the date of submission of life certificates by the pensioners/family pensioners up to March 31, 2018 and accordingly, authorized pension/family disbursements to continue in their favour till the close of the financial year.
Although on the last count, around 10000 more pensioners/family pensioners have provided their life certificates to the various bank branches, large number of these personnel have still not furnished their life certificates to the banks.