Parliament library loneliest place on earth: Varun Gandhi

HYDERABAD: BJP MP Varun Gandhi Friday
said he feels the library located at Parliament is the
‘loneliest place’ on earth as members seldom visit it.

Speaking at an Indian School of Business policy
conclave ‘Road to 2019’ here, he said while the country is
brimming with younger population, the average age of the
Parliamentarians is increasing.

“I often go to the Parliament library because that is
supposed to be one of the repositories of knowledge
and I promise you, every time I go, I feel it is the loneliest
place on earth,” he said.

“Everytime I go there, the librarian hugs me, because
she hasn’t seen a person in about 10 days,” he said, stressing
the importance and need for lawmakersto gain knowledge.

He further said the average salary of MPs has been
increasing every term since 1952.

According to him, Parliament used to meet for
145 days a year, from 1950 to 1972. Then, it came to 65 days a
year during the past 20 years.

“In the last 20 years, 64 per cent of all legislation
passed in Parliament have been done without one second of
deliberation and 71 per cent of the Bills have
been passed without sending them to any standing committee,”
he said.

He said ever since he became an MP, he has been donating
his salary to the needy people and writing to other
members whose annual income was above Rs 20 crore to give up
their remuneration for which he did not get any response. (AGENCIES)