“Paralysing 7 mn”

Apropos “Govt can’t paralyse (DE 28 Nov)., Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, defending his petition before the SC for quashing the Reorganization Act 2019, said that the “Govt can’t paralyse lives of 7 million J&K people”. The population of J&K is about 1.12 crore of which about 70 lakh (or 7 million) are in Kashmir valley. This population is almost 100 per cent Muslims. Azad is speaking only for these 7 million Muslims of the valley alone and not for the people of Jammu region with both Hindus and Muslims. The security related orders have been applied to both the regions without discrimination. However, if the people in the valley are “paralysed” in Azad’s words, it is of their own choosing and prompting by people like Azad. By shutting down life the people of Kashmir valley are obliging the militants and leaders like Azad. In Jammu region neither Muslims nor Hindus nor Sikhs mean to oblige the militants. Thus they run the normal life and cooperate with the Government in strengthening security of the people. By giving communal and parochial tinge to the issue, Congress leader Azad and his cohorts speak the same language which Pakistan speaks.
No sensible persons like “paralysing 7 million people” despite unleashing of terror. As a result of terrorism, entire Kashmir Hindu minority was forced out of their homes and hearths in 1990 leading to complete ethnic cleansing of Kashmir by Pakistan through the instrumentality of valley youth. Congress plus NC led the Government in J&K for last two decades and a half and Azad himself led the Congress-PDP coalition Government for three years. Will Mr. Azad recall a single instance of his Government de-paralysing the travail-afflicted four lakh people of exiled religious minority of Kashmir? Yes, he has a big “achievement” to his credit during his premiership. He distributed thousands of kanals of state/forest land to blue eyed people of his community at throw away price under the dubious Roshni Act and brought losses worth billions of rupees to the State exchequer. His patron, the Congress High Command, knew of his “achievement”, but brushed it under the carpet as political expediency. He was rewarded with the position of leader of opposition for his rank communal predisposition. Nevertheless, we appreciate Azad’s concern for his friends in the valley, and more particularly, for the beneficiaries now imprisoned at far-away places like Agra jail for no fault except that of receiving and distributing hawala money to the terrorists and politicians fighting critical election for one or the other house of the parliament.
Dr. K.N. Pandita