Refugees and SSC

Refer news item ‘State subject certificate still problem for Refugees’ DE Dec 2, 2019.
The West Pakistan Refugees have suffered much on account of State Subject Certificate before Abrogation of Art 35 A, and Art 370. As a result, they could not purchase land and property in the State nor they were entitled to jobs. They could not even for State assemblies. The ran from pillar to post with their sufferings and problems, but nobody heard them or came to their rescue. And they continued to suffer without any kind of relief.
However, they saw end to their problem on Aug 5, when Art 370 was abrogated .
They do not now a certificate to prove their identity, rather nobody needs this certificate now.
But it seems that there is no end to West Pakistan Refugees plight as State Subject Certificate remains still an issue for them. The Government must now intervene in the matter to redress this issue forever so that these people can live without any further sufferings.
Anil Manhas