Padamshree Padma Sachdev

Ravi Rohmetra
Padma Sachdev the daughter of the soil is a charming, delightful person, full of liveliness, and laughter ( rather loud for more refined ears). She is also a lovable person with the homely qualities of a good housewife, an excellent cook, an entertaining hostess and an interesting talker all the times. She is a successful writer with a wide readership among a certain class writing both in her mother tongue Dogri and the National Language Hindi. She has to her credit six collections of Dogri Poetry, eight books of Hindi Prose, including two novels, one collection of short stories, an autobiography, a travelogue and more than half a dozens translations. She also writes an occasional article in Hindi for newspapers and Journals. The Legend Lata Mangeshkar has given her golden and melodious voice to the Dogri Song “Tu Mala Tu” “Log Panan Thikrian Badam Panne Tu”.”Odni Ragi De Lalaria” ” Onnchi Udan” written by Padma Sachdev. These songs have been released by H.M.V. and these songs have recorded sale all over the country. After the hot persuasion of Padma Sachdev Lata Mangeshkar sang the songs and it develops great friendship among these two personalities. Lata Ji used to name her (Padma Sachdev ) Bhabi. Later on all the songs written by Krishan Smail Puri were sung by Lata mangeshkar after the persuasion of Padma Sachdev “Bhala Sipaiya Dogriva”, Rosliyan, Rosliyan Taran Tera Bada Manda Lagda”.
Padma was born on 17th April 1940. She is the eldest of three children of Prof. Jai Dev Badu, a Sanskrit scholar who became a victim of India’s partition in 1947. Padma has two brothers namely Prof. Austosh Sharma and Engineer Gaineshwar Sharma. Padma Ji started her education in the Primary School of her ancestral Village Purmandal situated on the banks of sacred stream Devaka celebrated in Agni Purana, about 39kms to the north-east of Jammu. She grew up memorising and reciting Sanskrit slokas and Hindi couplets on her father’s knees at the age of four or five, and later singing Dogri folk songs with local groups of women to the accompaniment of dholak and composing simple verses on the pattern of Dogri folk songs. While studying in first year college, she became the first poetess of Dogri, when she shared the stage with established Dogri poets and recited a song composed by her in a Kavi Sammelan at Jammu before a large and distinguished audience including the then Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir State.
Padma Ji with her great efforts has tried to produce the real picture of Mahabharat. Kohlapur University has selected the episode for his co students. Nausheen manes New Snow Fall have been drawn from the Kashmir turmoil and the picture shows the real history of Kashmir Literature and in such like situation no one can be the secessionist in Kashmir Valley. Padma Sachdev is known as Dogri Ambassador. She has made remarkable efforts to lead the Dogri to highest peaks and accordingly all credit goes to her efforts. She got married with famous singer Surinder Singh who has a great name and fame in Shastriya Music. She has a daughter namely Manjeet Schadev and working as Film Direction in Sony T.V.
Padma Ji has been honoured with Great Awards. She got entry in All India Radio in the year 1961 Her book Meri Kavita, Mere Geet was published in 1969, she got Sahitya Academy Award (Dogri) in the year 1971. She is honoured with Jammu Cultural Academy Award in the year 1983, Soviet Land Nehru Award in 1987, Hindi Academy Award (Delhi State ) in 1988, Jammu Kashmir Culture Academy Award in 1989, Harmony Award in 1990, Surhad Award Uttar Pradesh 1991, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award in 1993, Joshua Award in AP 1999, Mata Krishan Kumari Hindi Award 1996; Conversion from Hindi to Dogri Award 2000, Padam Shree Rastriyapati Award 2002, Shaswati Parishad Award, New Delhi 2002, Master Dina Nath Mangeshkar Award 2003, Hindi Ratna Award 2004, Maharaja Gulanb Singh Award 2007, Kabir Samman Award Bhopal 2008 and the Jammu & Kashmir Government’s Role of Honour. Her last two books of Poetry Uttarbaihni and Tainthiyan came after she had suffered the second serious setback to her health. They are a mixed bag some good lines, some weak lines. The quality of her work here seems to have suffered; perhaps her health has had something to do with it or her preoccupation with output in diverse fields – Hindi Journalism, Hindi Literature, Translations and writing in Dogri. All in all, Padma Sachdev has won a distinct place for herself and for Dogri poetry on the Indian Literary Scene.