Old, fragile tree on DC Office Road poses threat to public life

An old and fragile large tree at the verge of collapse on DC Office Road in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 13: An old, fragile and hollow large- tree, situated on Wazarat Road, leading to the office of Deputy Commissi-oner, Jammu and CM’s residence is posing major threat to the lives of general public.
Situated just hardly 100 meters away from the main gate of CM’s residence and nearly equal distance from the Pradesh Congress office (Shahidi Chowk), opposite to the house of senior Retired Police officer, Johny Willams, this tree has turned so old and hollow from inside that its dry branches have started falling down. During wind storm and heavy rain, the pieces of branches fell down even on the moving vehicles or the people moving on foot along this road. But till today, no casualty or injury has been caused to any one.
Vinod Sharma, Government contractor, whose house is located just closer to this tree said that an electricity pole has come in the grip of this tree which has started leaning and may fall any time. It will fall on the live electric wires and may cause heavy casualties. He said falling of tree branches has become routine now. It may fall on our wall or on the road any time. The authorities must take cognizance of the matter. Many VIPs including former ministers and even DC, ADCs Jammu and others use this road.
Sharma said that he had taken up the matter with the DFO, Territorial Jammu and even DFO Urban Forestry Jammu some time back when strong winds were blowing during May-June but they gave assurance to remove this tree but no action was taken till today. They just told that matter was taken up with the PDD authorities of the area (Parade PDD Div) to stop power supply for at least 3-4 hours on any Sunday for this operation but no cooperation was received from their end. He said when any major tragedy would struck here, then the Administration would awake from deep slumber.