Of Swami Ramdev – The Yog Guru

Vinod Verma
Beloved ones I would like to say a few words about that essential ingredient in life which has meant so much to me all through the years. In this era of telecasts, Swami Ramdev gives us the realm of expanded spiritual consciousness wherein the healthy body experiences the love divine. The messages of Yog Guru is therefore one of great importance and relevance in the beacon age of doubt and disbelief. His talks and yoga techniques stand out as a light house of hope and faith. His guidelines inculcate the physical and mental prowess which educate the natural rhythm of life to refined part of living for the modern man.
Swami Ramdev’s clarion call to save the world from cultural disintegration and spiritual starvation is a testament of his unshaken faith in the destiny of mankind. He wants us to share his faith and recoup the lost joy and harmony in our lives. He does not preach or sermonize nor prescribe dry do’s and dont’s but teaches us how to rise above the delusion of separation and realize our oneness by identifying oneself with transitory body vehicle and a restless mind. His observation and guidance provide ample food for thought. Between the covers of health knowledge is contained the quintessence of the wisdom of ancient and modern intellectual, reoriented to suit the present age, in the matchless prose which only Swami Ramdev can say. He is a shining example of what a life committed to the service of divine potential and neighbour ought to be. Not the rule but the spirit of path to “health & efficiency” is the effective almost magical ingredient that tampers the life of doing. Scriptural truths are merely words until they become a part of one’s thoughts and actions. They must be lived. He lays the foundation for a life of attainment. The truth experienced herein is universally applicable, illumined.
The very name ‘Ayurved’ marks out the sanctity in which science was held, it is not the science of disease but the science of positive health, wealth of energy, a kind of vital dynamism. Swami Ramdev knows the art of influence and psychology of a sufferer who urges us to accept yoga as a value of cosmic existence by the dynamic power of humanity. Can you reproduce huge adjustable and intuitive workflow without truly advanced Swamiji’s scientific yoga existence? It shows mighty credentials, an impressive display of handling options perfect for future purpose. The available medicinal products, eating habits, maintain the life style of the involved ones or evolved ones. The world of scientific facts and the world of values are two different worlds. Is it? They belong to one whole controlled by presence greater than we are and is called absolute reality. It is right belief, right feeling and right action. It is all the three. A scientific attitude requires us to be open minded in regard to different facts and values. We cannot take a part of our experience and make it a whole. We should try to act in this world in conformity with the direction of sources. It is not the quantitative accumulation but a qualitative leap. Anyone who has been in his presence can’t fail to be affected by the aura of physical peace and serenity that he radiates. The purpose of Yog Guru is to help lift us out of ourselves, our worries, our ego, our illness and deficiency and the emotion that bind us to this physical and mental frame.
Health and good estate of body are above all ‘Gold’ and a strong body above infinite wealth. Yoga and Asans not only improve health but it makes visual better and efficient. Anulom-Vilom, Pranayam helps to get fresh air and subscribe energy inflow that improves health and efficiency. Against disease the strongest fence is the defensive virtue. We have to make our mind to follow yoga techniques scientifically studied. On the other hand influence of diet play a vital role on Health and Disposition. The natural plants and herbs as explained if taken as a part of diet the unexpected illness problems can be washed away well in time. Nature does not create a disease. Man creates it through continued wrong living. It is important to follow right food into the system, it is still more important to develop & maintain powers of digestion, oxygenation, chemicalization, elimination, crystallization, metabolism and assimilation.
It is accepted that upto 80% of illness have stress as a major component and stress to unhealthy relationship operates. Circumstances are beyond the control of man but his conduct is in his own power. It is certain that modification of stress reactions through Yoga pathways can prevent the stress chemicals in the system to disorder the healthy signals. Yoga is the best therapy in the world to generate a refreshed soul to a creative soul and to a productive soul. Don’t knock the benefits of relaxation. Fitness depends in the state of mind, reflex, physical activity, diet and yoga that accepts the value of existence. His transformation responsibilities has become increasingly greater as the world wide activities of the society. In this present scenario of world’s illness Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev is the foundation of our present natural or evolutionary existence and from which nature in us is trying to arrive at self knowledge and world knowledge and a right consciousness and the right use of our existence in the universe. It is sublime expression of sole & soul’s yearning and of it joyous fulfilment in “Internal conditioning” with a conviction holding Yoga Indian Key giving is a glimpse into the realm of motivated living “There are artists who transform Sun into the Yellow Spot, But there are beings like Ramdev who thanks to their Body Science and Yoga Intelligence transform a yellow spot into the sun.”