Of networking and youth

Ruchit Kumar
Yes this is the reality a friend request accepted and you are in touch. Facebook , WhatsApp , okcupid, ashleymadison and many more, all of these have become an easy way of making friends. Yes you can make friends and even find a life partner here but a multivariate analysis of this ever shrinking networking apprises us of both the pros and cons that are of utmost importance for everyone in general and our youth in particular.
These sites naturally have helped in sustaining friendships that were destined to be weakened otherwise, let us consider a school friend or a college mate or an office colleague with whom one’s contact remains intact even when one isn’t in contact in person. You know what’s happening in their lives and they also know about your life. In fact a lot of people could approach one another through these sites only when they otherwise couldn’t.
But there is another situation that these networking sites have been spurring like contribution in surging diverse criminal activities ranging from unethical deeds like promoting promiscuity to helping in recruitment of terrorists as has been manifest in the increasing number of isis recruitments from India.
Websites like ashleymadison have been encouraging adultery and sowing the unwarranted seed of western culture further weakening the already diminishing family values. Its tagline itself says “life is short have an affair “ which itself is inimical to the Indian values. With free basics platform Facebook has already started playing with net neutrality but contrarily it is definitely increasing the internet penetration. Frauds are increasing day by day post accepting an unknown friend request you may become so much vulnerable to cyber frauds and crimes.
On terror front its disheartening as well as an ordeal to see our youth becoming victims of groups like is al-Qaida and many more and it further adds to the fear to see educated and professional people becoming victims recent arrests from Telangana and other parts of the country corroborates the fact.
Further an unscrupulous invisible hand of networking seems evident in recent anti India campaigns in our education hubs like JNU. Students are life breath of nation they are the future it would be suicidal if we ignore such acts as it would be detrimental to integrity of the country we can’t afford to produce students and leaders who are dissenting with the spirit of our constitution. Its suicidal for India as a nation to ignore all this.
Networking is a blessing and concomitantly a problem as well depending on the intention its used with. Its because of networking and internet we are heading towards a dream of comprehensive financial inclusion, life insurance, literacy, health facilities, sustenance of friendly bonds, etc. on the contrary its also making our society and youth in particular more vulnerable to anti social and antinational activities but diversion of their synergies on wrong roads. It further enjoins upon the parents the responsibility to act proactively so as to pre-empt any such deviant actions of their children.
To sum up we can say that there are different perspectives of taking things either its a glass half full or its a glass half empty and it depends on the values and the education imparted to the children as well.
Today we should be gearing up for making structural changes to the systems of education and the shaping the perspectives of our youth so that they can match the nuances created by time and so that the virtues are not pruned away in the winds of change.