NPP activists protest near Parliament over Art 35-A

NPP activists staging protest near Parliament on Sunday.
NPP activists staging protest near Parliament on Sunday.

*Supreme Court verdict be respected: Harsh
Excelsior Correspondent
NEW DELHI, Aug 26: Accusing the NC, PDP, Congress and BJP of whipping up passions by making provocative statements over Art 35-A, presently sub-judice, the NPP activists led by its chairman and former Minister Harsh Dev Singh held a massive protest at Jantar-Mantar in here seeking a resolution of the issue as per mandate of constitution and law of land without being influenced by the political slogans given by the various political parties suiting their respective agendas and political convenience.
They marched towards the Parliament when they were restrained by the Delhi Police amidst scuffles with police contingents.
Exhorting upon all the mainstream and Kashmir centric political parties to desist from issuing provocative statements besides use of threatening language over Article 35-A which is sub-judice in the Supreme Court, Harsh Dev rued that such moves are deplorable attempts to influence the judiciary and amount to contempt of court. He said that the Apex Court of the country is seized of all aspects of the Art in question and all need to respect its wisdom and Judgement so as to uphold its sanctity being the highest temple of Justice.
Singh said while the Congress and the Kashmir centric NC, PDP were on the same page to issue threats of dire consequences in case the article 35-A was tinkered with, the BJP had been making statements to hoodwink the people over the sub-judiced issue for mere political interests. He accused all the parties of whipping up the emotions to sway the people and create ripples so as to sub-serve their petty political motives.
Lambasting the political parties for issuing threatening statements over the fate of Article 35-A, Singh divulged that such remarks not only made contemptuous mockery of the Court but were highly seditious in nature which should be seriously taken note of by the Governor administration and union Govt as well.
“Some leaders were hurling threats of civil war in the valley, some were challenging the existence of the National flag in J&K while several staged protests and issued warnings of dire consequences over the outcome of the in case the court verdict did not favour them. We strongly condemn all such parties who were trying to influence the Apex court and polarizing people for their vested political ends”, Harshdev said.
Ex-MLA Yashpaul Kundal, Gagan Pratap Singh, Surjit Singh, Mohinder Singh, Vishav Singh, Udeyveer, Sukhjeet Singh, Kuldeep Guleria and others also joined.