No “scandal” in Rafale deal, says French ambassador to India

BENGALURU: Ambassador of France to India Alexandre Ziegler Wednesday said there was no ‘scandal’ associated with the Rafale deal.

Pointing out at the ‘cooperation’ and ‘trust’ shared between both India and France, he asked people to look at the facts.

“What scandal? Just look at the facts, not at the tweets, that’s my only recommendation.

There is no scandal at all,” Ziegler said in response to a question on whether the alleged Rafale scandal has made any dent in the partnership that France has with India.

Speaking to reporters here on the sidelines of the launch of French Tech Community here, he said, “…Look at the track record, look at the trust that has been built between our two countries in aeronautics.

Look at their commitment for Make in India, which is impressive. Fifty per cent offset is very unique, look at the major procurement…”

To a question about political comments regarding HAL losing potential jobs because of the Rafale deal, Ziegler questioned whether HAL has made any comments about losing jobs. (AGENCIES)