No publicity stunt

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi plogs at Mamallapuram beach. He shares a video of him and requests the citizens to keep the public places clean. With his another move to drive the responsibility towards making India clean for Swach Bharat, the trolls started trolling him by counting his move as striking for vote bank and a mere PR stunt. But on the contrary, one thing which should be given consideration is that he’s the prime minister of India. What Modi did by plogging is to give a message to keep India Swach. The trolls trolling him should think that the purpose behind posting the video is to create a drive for cleanliness, the sole intention was to make his message more appealing and connecting to the general masses. He is a Prime Minister, he is not supposed to clean the whole beach. The people judging his move as a publicity stunt should also think that if he had done plogging without making a video then he would not have been successful in sketching his message for making India clean.
Neha Suryavanshi
Nanak Nagar, Jammu