Night flights

The Govt of India has taken a much needed, appreciable step of starting night flights from Jammu as well as Srinagar airports.This was a much needed requirement which has opened opportunities for all of us, so that after working whole day in one city, we can plan to reach our home in the evening, anywhere in the country. It has also opened new gates for early morning and late evening flights between Jammu and Srinagar and will save the time and money.
We also have seen a tremendous change in the New Airport at Jammu which has been developed to the international standards, is extraordinary masterpiece of architecture and design has increased the capacity of operating large number of aircrafts and passengers at a single point of time The night operation will help the trade, pilgrimage, tourism and will boost the economy and prosperity of the UT.
The Govt has done a wonderful job in other sectors also. New hospitals have been working efficiently especially the newly created Medical Colleges, more are being built, new schools are being constructed, the highways at supersonic speed and the roads do not have many potholes.
We hope the momentum of public works will continue for over all development of the UT.
Virender Choudhary
on e-mail