NC unable to do rigging because of EVMs: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh addressing a function at Udhampur on Monday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh addressing a function at Udhampur on Monday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Radio Station dedicated to Udhampur people

Avtar Bhat

UDHAMPUR, Jan 21: Union Minister of State in the PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh today while ridiculing the National Conference (NC), president and former Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah’s statement of terming the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) as “chor machines” said those who are habitual of rigging the elections are now finding fault with EVMs.
Talking to reporters on the sidelines of inauguration of Radio Station at Garhi near here, Dr Jitendra Singh lashed out at NC leadership and said that right from Sheikh Abdullah’s time to 1987 they rigged the elections in the State. Click here to watch video
The Union Minister said that party is now unable to rig the elections because of EVMs and hence its leadership is making statements and finding fault with EVMs out of the desperation.
He said BJP needs no body’s certificate in holding free and fair elections in the country as the party has always championed the cause of people and took a strong stand when the democracy was strangulated in the country after imposition of emergency in 1975.
“Our front line leaders were jailed during the emergency which was the black chapter in the history of country and at that time, the State Government was led by Sheikh Abdullah and his party which did not took a stand against this draconian law”, he added.
He regretted that NC and its leaders instead of being ashamed of making such statements as the party has achieved expertise in rigging the elections they are blaming the EVMs as after their utilization in election process the party is unable to rig the poll.
Tracing the genesis of Kashmir turmoil in 1987 rigging, he said the worst kind of rigging by NC in collaboration with its alliance partner Congress was done in 1987 elections after the MUF candidates, who were winning the elections, were declared losers and this led to the present crisis.
The party has even been changing the nomination papers of the candidates as well as ballot boxes since the time of the Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah and with which mouth its leaders today point fingers on Modi Government or EVMs which has set the highest traditions of democracy in the country.
Maintaining that no front can stand before Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Dr Jitendra Singh termed the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ a conglomerate of parties with different ideologies who have only joined hands on one point agenda of outing Narendra Modi.
He said the ‘Gathbandhans’ are always of like minded parties with likeminded ideology and agenda. “But the present Gatbandhan is the conglomerate of non -likeminded parties,” he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh said it is a catastrophe that the parties who don’t see eye to eye with each other have joined hands and all of them are PM aspirant parties working on one point agenda to oust Modi and put the nation into crisis.
Earlier, Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurated new Radio Station at Garhi near here.
While addressing the gathering on the occasion, he said the launch of this Radio Station was a long pending demand of people especially since 1965 Indo-Pak war. He accused the Congress and NC which ruled the State and the Centre for decades together for not paying any attention to the demand to counter the Pak propaganda which was misleading the people in the district as except Pak Radio Station no other station was audible in Udhampur.
He said the task which has been left incomplete at that time has been taken to the logical conclusion today.
The Union Minister said the people must ask Congress and NC leadership that why they did not pay attention in starting a Radio Station at Udhampur over the years despite it being a common demand of the people of the area.
He said the Radio Station will help in projecting the local art and culture, highlight the local issues besides promoting the local talent.
Lambasting the opposition parties accusing the BJP of doing nothing in last five years, Dr Jitendra Singh said that “we completed all those important projects which opposition parties have not touched during their decades long rule and unlike them we did not indulge in scams and loot.”
He said this Radio Station will be an opportunity for artists. He said the works done in last five years by Modi Government were not done in last 65 years of Congress NC rule.
He said Udhampur has been given four colleges last week, Passport Office was opened in the town and Rs 186 crore Devika River conservation will be inaugurated by PM on February 3.
He asked partymen to counter the false propaganda of opposition forcefully by apprising the people of the developmental projects launched by the Modi Government in the State.
He said in CRF roads, Udhampur got the lion’s share.
Earlier, in his address, Director General, All India Radio, Fayaz Sheheryar said that installation of FM Radio Station in Udhampur was a dream come true for the people of the area. He said that for long the people of Udhampur had to endure negative forces inimical to the unity, integrity and solidarity of India due to transmissions from across the border.
With the newly launched FM station the aspirations of locals would be fulfilled, he said, adding that the station would locally produce programmes and hourly news headlines. He further added that Dogra, Gujjars and Pahari speaking people of the State would be benefitted by the development.
Former Minister, Pawan Gupta, BJP vice president Pawan Khajuria, president Udhampur Municipal Council, Yogesh Gupta and BJYM National Council member, Bharat Sharma were among the prominent people present on the occasion.