NC MPs protest outside Parliament on Constitution Day

Excelsior Correspondent
Srinagar, Nov 26 : Jammu and Kashmir National Conference’s Parliament Members, Muhammad Akbar Lone and Justice Hasnain Masoodi (retd) today staged protest outside Parliament against scuttling civil liberties of people in J&K on the eve of Constitution Day.
A party press release issued here said that the NC Members of Parliament along with other national opposition leaders protested against the scuttling of democracy in Maharashtra, curbs on civil liberties in J&K, continuous detention of Dr Farooq Abdullah, and former Chief Ministers of J&K Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti.
The protesting opposition leaders including NC Members of Parliament said the incumbent BJP led Central Government’s observance of Constitution Day across the country is a superficial exercise, “a mockery flaunted to conceal the disdain which the present ruling dispensation nurtures for people’s democratic rights, civil liberties as enshrined in the constitution.”
Party’s Members of Parliament, according to the release, while protesting said the BJP led Central Government has “disrespected country’s Constitution while dealing with J&K.”
“Moreover the denial of basic civil liberties to the people of J&K also reveals how negatively predisposed the present ruling dispensation at center is towards the Constitution of the country. The values cherished by the Constitution were constitutionally belittled ever since the BJP had its hands on the reins of power,” they said.
They further said that had the present ruling dispensation been so genuine in its regard for country’s Constitution “then the constitutionally guaranteed status of J&K would not have been done away with it unilaterally and deceitfully. Had the present ruling dispensation been so considerate of supremacy of constitutional in the country then it would not have kept the political representatives, civil society leaders behind bars in Kashmir,” they said.
Further, they said that the people of J&K have been disenfranchised and their Constitutional rights, civil liberties have been snatched as well; “the basic facilities of telephony and internet too are being denied to people. The disenchantment in the people of the state is it at its highest level. The economic activity in Kashmir has come to a grinding halt,” they said.