Natyakarmi’s stellar performance of Hindi classic play Adhe-Adhure enthralls

A scene from play Adhe-Adhure staged by Natyakarmi at Abhinav Theatre on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
A scene from play Adhe-Adhure staged by Natyakarmi at Abhinav Theatre on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Lalit Gupta

JAMMU, Dec 4: Adhe Adhure, one of the significant plays in Hindi staged with an overall stellar performance by the entire cast of Natyakarmi, at the Abhinav Theatre, here today, can easily be called as one of the high watermarks of the ongoing Annual Theatre Festival being organized by J&K Academy of Art, Culture, and languages.
Penned down by Mohan Rakesh in 1969, the play directed by Veena Dogra is a poignant saga of a dysfunctional family of five: who are caught in the vicious net of destitution. Unable to come to terms with the situation they become tearing, ranting sub-humans almost living off each other’s misery.
The admirable display of great intensity and emotions by all actors who characterized respective their roles with perfection was a real joy to watch. Especially engrossing were the scenes where tumultuous confrontations, the claustrophobic environment, were suddenly lit up with black humor through intelligently interwoven sarcastic and searing dialogues delivered with perfect tone and timing.
Kanchi Khajuria embodied the character of Savitri very well. Due to her excellent acting skills, she became a different character with different men: aggressive and dominating with husband, deferential and servile with the boss, and a coquettish teenaged girl with ex-admirer. She effortlessly portrayed myriad shades of her personality within a troubled woman. Her best was the long monologue where she vents her anger and built up frustrations animatedly.
Umesh Singh gave one of his best performance in multiple roles: the insecure husband or Savitri’s suave ex-admirer, Mahendra’s principled friend, or Savitri’s foolish, lecherous boss. He played all the men with great variety perfection with the quick dress and make-up change effected by experts skill of veteran make-up artiste Dr. Kamal Sharma. Other actors who also gave notable performances included Shubham Singh, Garima Sharma and Ayushi Khajuria.
Set designed by Nikhil, executed by Veerji Sumbli, music by Umesh Singh, costumes by Sunita. K. Thakur, lights by Abhishek Singh and Pankaj, production manager Siddhartha Singh and pros by Chanchal Dogra. Gautam Singh was assistant director.
Tomorrow, Hindi play Sir-Sir-Sarla will be staged by Pancham Society of Art, Culture & Social Development.